Budpac History

MDF Board Based Packaging Suppliers

MDF BoardBudpac SI Limited was originally Budget Packaging and was established in 1988 in Kumeu, Auckland; for the express purpose of providing the manufacturer of board products with a means for the disposing of downgrade product. Budpac achieved this by producing inexpensive MDF timber packaging components and MDF industrial grade shelving.

Fletcher Wood Panels was an integral part of the formation of Budget Packaging, and in 1995 the company expanded to include manufacturing packaging for a large number of the Fletcher Wood Panel branches. This ongoing relationship with the major NZ board producers grew again in 1998, to include a South Island Operation which was established to supply the requirements of Carter Holt Harvey’s MDF plant in Ashley Rangiora, now owned by Daiken New Zealand Limited.

Budpac established its operation on site with the MDF manufacturer in 1998 and has strengthened that relationship with Daiken NZ Ltd over recent years. Budpac has grown into one of the largest, most successful MDF board based packaging and MDF shelving suppliers in NZ, boasting a large and extremely diverse client base nationwide. In 2012 Budpac sold its Kumeu based operation, and so became Budpac SI Ltd. Budpac SI Limited has negotiated with New Zealand’s primary MDF manufacturers an ongoing line of supply.

Close relationships formed with Daiken New Zealand Ltd together with supply lines through Dongwha Patinna and Nelson Pine guarantee consistent, quality MDF product for our markets.